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About Me

My Name is David Woldenberg and I am a programmer. I became interested in the art after an introductory course in ninth grade and have since enthralled myself in it. My expertise is in web programming, but I am actively learning iOS development and pretty much anything that interests me.

I graduated from Harvard Westlake School, where I took four years of comptuer science courses. I am now a student at the University of Chicago, where I am majoring in Computer Science and Economics. I mostly like to create web apps and web sites, but I'm always open to working on something new and exciting.

My Projects
One Click - A social networking iPhone app that I am in the process of creating
Eyes On Exoplanets - I did some unit testing for the folks at JPL in Pasadena on their amazing software "Eyes on Exoplanets"
Strings of Strength - A bit of an unfinished project, but I am managing this website and will eventually get it up and running.
Audio Player - An old half-baked project where I tried to create an html5 audio player
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An organization aimed at teaching kids how to program and sparking an interest in technology

We teach lessons in MIT's Scratch, Java, javascript, HTML and CSS, and even 3D printing! We range from the basics to more advanced pieces of software. Kids of any age can come, but most of our events are targeted at kids between the ages of 7 - 15 years old.

We don't think anyone should be limited by what their school does or doesn't offer and we want to give everyone a chance to learn. We welcome all levels of interest and expertise, whether that person doesn't even own a computer or they have been making video games since they were five.

Check out the site here!

A media center for Harvard-Westlake School (My high school), designed primarily for the purpose of displaying the daily schedule and current time.

I worked on the content mangement system, which involved both UI design and backend programming. I used Filepicker.io (now filestack) for image and video integration. The application itself is built with a few frameworks, namely twig and RedBeanPHP .

In addition to reworking the CMS and adding new functionality to it, I also administered the files. I facilitated the transition of up-keep to a non-technical faculty member and student.

Check out the homepage here!
Living Planet

This project was for the first Koding Global Hackathon, which my friends and I entered. Though we did not win, we made it it to the top 100 (of 517 submitted projects). After this I went on to participate in HackHarvard in the fall of 2015 and have been attending hackathons since.

This project was kind of a silly visualization of environmental problems that we face in the 21st century. Regardless, it was a lot of fun to make and was a great experience. The projec utilized Meteor most notably as well as WebGL for some imges and transitions.

You can check out my devpost account here to stay up to date on my latest hackathon activity and check out all of my cool projects.

HW Chronicle

The Harvard-Westlake Chronicle (or the HW Chronicle) is the official student newspaper of Harvard-Westlake school. The website was designed by a student in 2012, and there had been a webmaster each year in charge of updating and mainting the code.

I was the webmaster for the 2014-2015 eidition, but in 2015 (when I graduated), the site was moved to a predesigned wordpress theme under the direction of a new advisor on the paper. As a result, the website I had worked on is no longer available, but the code still exists on the github here..

In my shift as webmaster, I added a facebook/twitter widget to the homepage, did multiple "special features" with full page unique designs, reworked the search engine, and did other miscelaneous tasks around the site. I also recovered the site from a hack over the summer and integrated an automated backup system with github as a preventative measure.